12 Coolest Winter Activities in Tromsø

The winter season is a great time to visit the arctic city of Tromsø. Although the city is colder during this period, there are many winter activities to enjoy. In fact, you’ll have some of the most exciting experiences in winter. The northern lights shimmer over Tromsø and the whole city is filled with ice, with a variety of outdoor adventures to heat up with.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest winter activities in enjoy in Tromsø:

Aurora Glamping

Winter Activities in Tromso

Spend a memorable night glamping in a spectacular arctic setting! The spectacular fjords, the dramatic landscapes and the bright starry sky of Tromso are the perfect backdrop of nature for the dancing Aurora. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience Aurora glamping as you camp under the northern lights in lavish teepees on a cozy, full-size bed.

Whale Watching

Winter Activities in Tromso

The most prolific time for whale watching in Tromso is during the winter months. Embark on a journey through the beautiful fjords, scour the sea for humpback and orcas whales, and take photos while observing their behaviours. You can also fund whale conservation projects by choosing Wild Seas. With our whale watching adventure, you’ll definitely have an absolute whale of a time!

Sleep in a real ice hotel

Ice Hotel Winter Activities in Tromso Photo Source: Visit Tromso

There are just many things about winter in Tromsø that will make you want to come back every season. The winter season means there will be plenty of snow as well as ice. The people of Tromsø have obviously found an amazing use of the surplus ice supply they get from nature every winter season. The construction of the pop-up ice hotel takes about six weeks, and you can stay here during your holiday in Tromsø. Don’t worry the beds are usually covered with warm reindeer hide. The ice hotel opens just before Christmas and stays that way until it begins to melt.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Winter activities in Tromso

The first time you set your eye on the northern lights (also known as the polar lights), you’re going to think to yourself – “this is the most astonishing lights displays I’ve ever seen”. You’ll love it so much that you’re going to want to chase it around as far as you can. Tromsø is considered one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway. The Arctic city is located in the middle of the Aurora Oval, where there is a high probability of seeing the lights. The northern lights of Tromsø are so beautiful that it’s hard to let go. Feel free to dance around with the lights as it shifts and falls in different shades of green and purple.

Visit the Polaria Aquarium

Winter activities in Tromso

There are so many things to learn about in Tromsø. The northern lights, the Samis, and the Polaria Aquarium. In this place, you’ll get to see the bearded seals and a wide range of fish species, watch film about the arctic wilderness in the panoramic cinema, and interact with researchers. The Polaria boasts a wide range of amazing knowledge-based exhibits that will fascinate you.

Dog sledding

winter activities in Tromso

One way to be mesmerized by the lush beauty of the Tromsø fairy-tale wilderness is to go dog sledding! If you do not like dogs, you’re going to have a change of heart after having an up close and personal experience with these Alaskan huskies. They are so friendly, that you can easily familiarize with them in a few minutes. Imagine speeding through the Norwegian wilderness, sitting on a sled that’s being pulled by some of most adorable and powerful creatures in Norway.

Ice fishing

The lake in Tromso freezes over during winter. However, the freezing does not go so deep to stop the activities of the aquatic creatures in the water. You can sit on a frozen lake, make a fishing hole right next to you, and try to catch a fish.

Cross-country skiing

Winters in Activities

Cross-country skiing is a good blood-pumping heart-warming workout for your winter experience in Tromsø. A few falls in the snow? Yes. But that adds to the fun of this seemingly most Norwegian of all winter activity.


Winter Activities in Tromso

Leave your footprint on Norway’s winter wonderland! If you are looking for the perfect place to step into winter adventure, you should head to Tromsø. Snowshoeing is an amazing way to get out and enjoy the winter season in Tromsø, while experiencing all its natural beauty. If you’ll like to mix things up, you can go snowshoeing on days you don’t want to go sledding. Walk through the snow at your own pace, wearing snowshoes designed to make it really easy to walk through the snow.

Reindeer sledding

Winter activities in Tromso Photo Source: VisitTromso

The Sami people of Tromsø, the aboriginal people of Norway have something to bring to the table to make sure your winter experience is as unique as ever. Reindeers are owned by the Samis, and you can have them for a while to go for a reindeer sleigh ride. Just like Santa Clause! You can go reindeer sledding under the Northern lights during the day or at night, and learn about the culture of the Sami people.


Winter Activities in Tromso Photo Source: VisitTromso

This is one thing all snow locations have in common. Snowmobiling is a modern way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Tromso. It also offers you the opportunity to venture farther into places you can’t get to by sledding or snowshoeing.

Ride the cable car and get a perfect view from Mount Storsteinen

Winter Activities in tromsoRiding a cable car may not be particularly intriguing, but a wonderful view of the city from mount Storsteinen will make you love every moment of it. You will get the best view of the city and you can even view get a close view of the far surrounding of Tromso.

Looking for things to do in Tromso in Winter? We’ve got a wide range of winter activities you can enjoy during your holiday in the city.