Whale Watching in Skjervøy: What To Expect

Located in the heart of Northern Troms, the island of Skjervøy boasts scenic fjords, alpine mountains and a beautiful island setting. It’s a great place to experience a whale watching adventure during the winter season. For those looking for a way to work up some excitement or indulge in some exciting adventure in winter, whale watching in Skjervøy is definitely a great idea.

Whales in beautiful Skjervøy

It’s hard to imagine that anyone will go whale watching and not be thrilled by the experience, especially for the first time. It’s not something most people see very often and it’s definitely one of the things many people, from all over the world, look forward to every winter in Norway.

Why whale watching in Skjervøy is a must-do


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Winter is the best time of the year to go whale watching in Skjervøy from late October to the end of January. Every winter near the coast of Tromsø, the gateway to the arctic, a great number of orcas and humpback whales gather to feast on rich feeding grounds.

Our unique Whale Research Safari combines one of the most incredible displays nature has to offer with a captivating research experience.  We see whales on every trip and usually in great numbers, always a memorable experience.

Although, wildlife viewing is never guaranteed, our success has been 100% since the start of the season. We have not had one day without whales since late October.

What you’ll see during Whale Watching


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Of course, you’ve heard about whales before and you’ve seen their pictures, but have you seen them in real life? Seeing the whales is by far the most anticipated moment of a whale watching in Skjervøy.

According to history, tourists who visit Skjervøy for this adventure always catch a glimpse of the killer whales (orcas), humpback whales and if we are lucky, fin whales.  We can see from 10 to over 100 orcas in a day, a few humpback whales to well over 50 animals. It all depends how lucky we are! Some days, we see a mixture of humpbacks and orcas that are well over 100 animals and other days can be slower.

However, we do have an incredible amount of whales making Skjervøy one of the best whale watching grounds in the world. Aside from the whales, you’ll also spot some wildlife species including sea eagles, which are normally found along the coast of Norway.

Whales’ behaviours


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Whales exhibit a number of behaviours; some of which are entertaining, and some of which are not. Here are some of them:

Blows: From time to time, whales blow water vapour, mucus, and air as they come up to the surface to breathe. To them, this is a voluntary action that they plan ahead of time and execute when they resurface on water. It’s kind of cool to watch!

Breaching: This is by far the most exciting whale behaviour, and the humpbacks are very notorious for this. They jump all the way out of the water, into the air in a curved path, and then dive right back in. According to studies, it is believed that whales breach because they wish to communicate in order to attract other whales (probably the female ones) or to warn off other whales.

Spy-hopping: This is yet another exciting whale behaviour that tourists love so much. To spy-hop, the whales will usually lift their head and part of their chest vertically above water level. As if to say they’re just chilling and looking around. So, while the tourists are gawking at them, they also gawk back. It’s a win-win.

Tail and fin slapping: This is also known as lobtailing. The whales, from time to time, will raise their tail flukes high above the water and then slap them back, loud and hard into the water. This is one of their ways of communicating, scaring fishes away, or showing aggression.

Curious and friendly: Whales are generally friendly and curious. They are not typically dangerous, and they can be seen at local aquariums and marine parks performing shows. You may want to adhere to whatever instructions given to you with regard to whale watching, but there is no need for you to be scared of them.

Whale watching in Skjervøy is awesome, fun and exciting! If you’re looking to go whale watching for killer whales (orcas) or humpbacks, our whale research safari and Lyngen Alps bus tour is your best choice. Hurry and Book now!